The former Bela Crkva, today’s Smederevska Palanka, is 80 km away from Belgrade, whereas just slightly less than 30 km away from Smederevo. It had different names in its history – Bink Palanka, Jeni Palanka, Velika Palanka, Hasan-pašina Palanka etc. This municipality at the confluence of the Kubršnica river and the Jasenica river is known for its “Goša” industrial compound – the producer of wagons, bridges and other steel constructions. The sources of thermal and mineral water are something Smederevska Palanka is very rich in, and the people living in this place, as well as its visitors in the summer, like going to the nearby Kudreč Lake the best. The Church of Holy Transfiguration in Palanka was built in the period from 1865 to 1890. At the beginning of the 20th century, a known Serbian romanticist painter, Steva Todorović, together with the painters of his school, painted this temple and did the iconostasis. Only 15 meters down from the church, there is an old stone bridge, too, which testifies to the fact that in the bygone times the Constantinople Road went through this place. The oldest urbanistic whole is Stara Čaršija (The Old Bazaar), in Karadjordjeva street, between the church and the stone bridge. Not far away from the center of the town, in Kralja Petra street, there is the Church of Saint Paraskeva.