Near Aleksinac, the Moravica River flows into the Južna Morava. This town is located about thirty kilometres before Niš along the highway from Belgrade. However, this place was the first town in Serbia connected with the capital city by telegraph. At every turn, there are traces of the former civilizations. The fortresses Bolvan, Petrus, Lipovac, Gradac, Kulina, Korman, Aleksinac clearly testify about the significance of this region. Historical heritage proves that this town was one of the most important Serbian towns during the reign of Prince Miloš. There were Customs, Quarantine, District Centre and very rich mines. One should also visit Deligrad, a unique fortification system of wood and soil, the scene of the greatest battles and victories in the First Serbian Uprising. The people from this region are famous for preserving old traditions. The ethno event ‘Old water mill on the Morava River’ has been taking place in Aleksinac since 1964. Every September, in Rutevac, there is the Parliament of pepper growers, Baking days are in October, etc. The tradition also includes making delicious Aleskinac kebabs (‘ćevapčići’).