Surdulica is located only 10 kilometers from the international road Belgrade – Skopje – Thessaloniki, with the travel distance from Belgrade to this town 348 kilometers to south. Its name is of Roman origin given by the Vlach people living in Surdilica. In the Middle Ages, it was a part of the Serbian state of the Nemanjic dynasty. During the Ottoman rule Surdulica was a mining village, due to the vicinity of iron mines. It was declared a town in 1878, and today it is a beautiful and urbanized town, thanks to the construction of a modern city centre, infrastructure and completion of the trendy pool complex. Surdulica is rich with immaculately clean drinking water, the Vrla River and seven other smaller tributaries that make it a very interesting sight. There are two large fish ponds for trout breeding on the Vrla River. One of them serves as a fish hatchery, made to enrich the capacities of juvenile fish in the rivers and the nearby Vlasina Lake. Due to its location and altitude, it has always been known as the air spa. Vlasina Lake is one of the most attractive tourist centres in this part of Serbia, located in the area of this municipality, 12 kilometres from Surdulica. The area around the Vlasina Lake is about 1200 meters above sea level. This artificial lake was created in 1949 by raising the dam on the river Vlasina, which submerged the former floodplain land. Here, the underwater plants created peculiar floating islands while slowly decomposing and these islands become an emblem of the lake. Today, these islands can be climbed on when sailing the lake. Mountain peaks, gorges, springs and rivers with waterfalls can be seen during walks in the beautiful surroundings of the lake. Palja Monastery and the church in Božica village lie on its bank, with the surrounding remote villages giving a unique ethnographic site. The tourist resort seat is located on the northwest shore of the lake.