Gornjak Monastery is located in the Morava River valley, between Petrovac and Žagubica, 65 km southwards from Požarevac. It was erected as the legacy of Prince Lazar in the period from 1376 to 1380. Judging by the numerous references to the monastery in historical sources, there has always and incessantly been a monastic community in the monastery. The main monastery church dedicated to the Presentation of the Most Holy Mother of God and the cave chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas are the only preserved mediaeval edifices. According to the fundamental architectural design, the Church of Gornjak belongs to the Moravian School. The Church of the Presentation has a trefoil basis with the dome. The narthex and the bell tower with the porch were only added later. The church paintings are poorly preserved, and the paintings were remade by Živko Pavlović, a painter from Požarevac, in 1847. The remaining frescoes in the Chapel of St. Nicholas are preserved better.