In 1891 a decision was taken to demolish the old Catholic church in the centre of Novi Sad and build a new one in the same location. Architect Georg Molnar drew up plans free of charge in 1892, and the church repaid him by placing his bust in the church, an honour not usually accorded secular figures. That same year, demolition of the old church went ahead and in 1893, contractors Stefan Gusek and Karl Lerer, under the supervision of architect Molnar, completed the construction stage of the work. In October 1894 a consecrated gilded cross was raised onto the steeple. The steeple is 72 m high. The church is 52 m long, 25 m wide and the height of the roof 22 m. The exterior is built of yellow facing bricks, while the church itself, with its interior carvings, was decorated in the Neogothic style. The people of Novi Sad sometimes refer to this church, on the Trg Slobode square, as the "Cathedral”.