Construction of the cathedral Church of Saint Nicholas in Sremski Karlovci began in 1758 on the initiative of Bishop Pavle Nenadović, according to plans drawn up in Vienna, on the site of an old church dating from Turkish times. The master builders were Kosta Cincarin and a German called Johannes. In 1760 the towers and domes were built according to the design of Zaharije Orfelin and the church was fully completed in 1762. The iconostasis represents the peak of Baroque artistic achievement in Vojvodina and was the work of Teodor Kračun and Jakov Orfelin. Kračun’s painting on the iconostasis is characterised by refined forms and colours, picturesque expression and decorative backgrounds, while Orfelin chooses this iconostasis to display the full maturity of his talent, especially on the throne icons, the style and concept of which he would later repeat in other churches.