Lepenski Vir, is a settlement dating from the Middle Stone Age, which contains an unusual and a very advanced prehistoric culture which is located in the Djerdap Gorge on the Danube River, 130 km from Belgrade. Lepenski Vir is the oldest habitat on these territories. There are over 100 trapezoid remains of the houses in the area of around 3,000 m2, all of which have been carefully arranged. Lepenski Vir also produced the very first examples of monumental sculpture in Europe, dating from 6000 B.C., amongst which, the most famous ones are “fishlike” human heads. Due to a rise in the level of the Danube, the locality has been more recently has been dislocated to a higher level – 17 meters above the old one. Numerous objects made of bone decorated with ornaments and decorative ceramics can be seen at the Museum of Lepenski Vir in the Djerdap Gorge. Lepenski Vir – Archeological Site Phone: +381 62 216 559 e-mail:
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