Winery „Vinogradi Urosevic“ is a small family winery located on the north slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain on the bank of the Danube River in a small village of Banostor. Tradition in winemaking in Urosevic family is very long and it dates over 100 years. Earliest data of wine cellar existence in winery Vinogradi Urosevic is from 1905. Our vineyards spred over an area of 5 ha where we grow many grape varieties – Italian Riesling, Rein Riesling, Vranac, Cabernet Franc, Frankovka, Slankamenka, Zupljanka, Merlot etc. The area where our vineyards are spreaded boards on one side with river Danube and on the other side with Fruska Gora Mt. This position, because of good relief, climate and soil, is perfect for wine growing. 4 Nikole Pašića street, 21312 Banoštor Tel +381 64 6521176, +381 21 879200,