Vineyards Nikolić are situated in Župa regioin in Serbia which is a place with a very long tradition in wine making. The style of the venue is a fusion of old traditional house style with a hint of modern style. Under the ownership of Nikolić household there are 9 hectars covered in vineyards. The wine varietirs of grapes that can be found there are: Prokupac, Rhine Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Frank and the eating types of grapes are: Muscat Hamburg, Kardinal, Muscat Italia and Victoria. Downhill in the vineyards there are two lakes made to irrigate the vineyards and also to collect rains and save water - the most precious thing of the future. This winery is young; it is producing white, rose and red wines and wine blends. The process of making wine is very traditional; therefore all the wines are changable depending on the year of harvest. Vitkovo 169, 37230 Aleksandrovac Tel +381 63 7770633