The wine-cellar Jovanovic is located in the village of Vele Polje, at approximately 20 km north of Nis, in the family house. Along the road to the village there are unique landscapes-succession of the fields, forests, plow lands and vineyards; therefore, we enthusiastically invite you to enjoy this beautiful landscape on your way in anticipation of the meeting with our wine. A warm welcome and a wine tasting-storytelling go without saying. Since we want nature to be the first creator of our wines, soil composition, terrain position, and warm climate (in a word-terroir), have determined the grape variety, thus both of our vineyards have been planted under merlot. Our goal is to take the best of what our land can offer and to pour that into the bottle. Therefore, from month to month, from vegetation to vegetation, from picking and flowering, up to the point of the growth and maturity of the grapes, we live with our vines, trying to give each vine a special attention, so that we, later in the cellar, do not "produce" wine, but only carefully follow and supervise what we have done and created in the vineyard. Vele Polje, 18000 Niš Tel +381 64 2282790, +381 18 583169