The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection bears the name of its founder, diplomat and collector Pavle Beljanski (19 June 1892 – 14 July 1965). Having signed a special Contract on bequest with the Executive Council of the National Assembly of AP Vojvodina (in November 1957) he bequeathed his collection of 185 works of art by 37 artists, the most important representatives of Serbian modern art. The Memorial Collection was opened to the public on 22 October 1961 in the specifically designed building by architect Ivo Kurtović and owing to its architectural significance the building was listed as a cultural monument in 1992. Conscious of the potential of the collection for scholarly and museum activities and a more profound insight into the developments in art of the first half of the twentieth century, Pavle Beljanski initiated the forming of an accompanying archival fund, but also the award of The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection for the best diploma work on a national art history subject, which is still awarded today. The activities of the Museum are intended to present the Pavle Beljanski collection through its permanent display, supplemented by the Artists’ Memorial and the Pavle Beljanski Memorial, also thematic exhibitions about certain artists, artistic trends and the phenomena of that period, and regular publishing projects. Conceived as one of the most modern cultural institutions, owing to Тhe Pavle Beljanski and other collections, the Memorial Collection is presently a referential centre for the studying of modern Serbian art. It expresses its contemporary and modern orientation through attractive programmes and various ways of communicating with the public. The Gallery Square 2, Novi Sad Telephone:+381 21 4729966; Fax: +381 21 528185 kontakt@pavle-beljа Facebook: @spomenzbirka.pavlabeljanskog Working hours Sednesday – Sunday: 10-18h Thursdays: 13-21h Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays