The Art Gallery “Sava Šumanović”

The Art Gallery “Sava Šumanović” in Šid was founded in 1952.On the basis of a gift contract, Persida Šumanović, the painter`s mother, gave the legacy of 417 paintings of her son Sava to the town of Šid. Thus a long, common desire of mother and son was finally realized. The legacy was placed in their family house bearing the name The Art Gallery “Sava Šumanović” The art fund consists of 350 oils on canvas and 67 sketches in different techniques: drawing, pastel, watercolor and diluted tempera. Most paintings belong to the last decade of the painter’s life. A smaller part of the collection, only by number and not by significance, consists of paintings that the artist brought from Paris in 1930. The permanent exhibition, which is changed periodically, contains about 100 paintings. It offers to visitors the opportunity to learn about the last decade of Šumanović’s creative work. During the last ten years of his life Šumanović painted about 700 paintings. The Memorial House of Sava Šumanović is near the Gallery. This is the house where the painter spent his childhood and the last ten years of his life. Sava Šumanović was shot and buried in a mass grave on 30 August, 1942. Sava Šumanović (1896-1942) Sava Šumanović is one of the most important Serbia’s painters. Šumanović was born in a respectable and wealthy family from Šid. He was educated in Šid, Zemun, Zagreb and Paris. Šumanović has a reputation as one of the best educated Serbian painters who belongs to the first generation of the Yugoslav painters that brought our art to modern European trends of the first half of the 20th century. Leaving for Paris in 1920. was of a crucial importance for the painter. He spent in Paris the next ten years. The last ten years of his life Šumanović spent in Šid absolutely dedicated to painting. He was especially inspired by two themes: landscapes and nudes. Color is the main factor of the painting and the brightness that he is also interested in. The harmony of all factors seems so easily achieved but, in fact, behind of it all stands a great talent, excellent education and a lot of work. Šumanović s winter landscapes are the anthology of Serbian art. The experience he gained in Paris and the light he found in Srem are recognizable in all of these paintings. The painter had a clear goal ahead, finding harmony of a style. Therefore he painted in different cycles. The well-known ones are Streets of Šid, Spring in the valley of St. Petka, Spring in Šid ş gardens, The Bathers, The Pickers, Children figures. The entire opus of Sava Šumanović includes about 1400 art works. He organized six solo exhibitions. The last one and also the most important exhibition was in Belgrade in 1939. Sava Šumanović was arrested and taken to Sremska Mitrovica together with120 citizens from Šid on 28 August, 1942.where he was shot and buried in a mass grave. Work hours Work days: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday and holidays 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. The Gallery is closed on Sundays 7 St. Sava Street 22240 Šid Republic of Serbia Tel/Fax +381(0)22 712 614 Tel +381(0)22 716 825 E-mail