The National museum Toplica in Prokuplje is a museum facility of a complex type. It was created on October 11th 1946. and is located in the building of a former town's post office that was created during the 1912. The Museum contains the following departments and collections: archeological department, hystorical department with a numismatical collection, art department with a collection of painting art. The museum of Toplica contains around 5160 pieces in its collection. Beside the main presented exhibits(archeological, ethnological, Toplica's Uprising 1917 and WWII in Toplica with the special museum exhibits) there are many thematic exhibits, different promotions, lectures, concerts, tribunes etc. Since 1996, museum gained the gallery "Boža Ilić" and since 1998. the Museum organized the first painting colony "Boža Ilić". In 2009, the museum organized the first painting colony "Boža Ilić". In 2009, the museum started the project "Pločnik prošlost uživo" in the ancillary building next to the railway, where they reconstructed a small neolitic on a parcel that's located on the east of the building(they made 5 replicas of the houses). The most representative exhibits are shown in 4 rooms and the outdoors part of the museum area, so the history of Prokuplje and Toplica District can be followed from prehistoric era, antics, middle age, WWI and WWII. In order to meet the public demands and modern museology, the museum in Prokuplje is actively working on the reconstruction and adaptation of the presented exhibits. e-mail: Facebook page: @narodnimuzejtoplice Working hours for visiting: • Monday-Friday, 09:00-20:00 • Saturday: 09:00-14:00 • Sunday: The museum is closed except for the booked group visits