The Museum was founded in 1906 as Torontál County Museum, by the decision of the Municipality Board and on the initiative of Torontál County Culture Society. However, according to the available sources, it was not before 1911 that the Museum opened for the public. Zrenjanin National Museum, which belongs to the category of complex museum establishments, is a heritage museum and its research work covers the area of Central Banat. Such organizational structure has contributed to systematic preservation and professional treatment of rich cultural heritage of this region in the fields of nature, archaeology, ethnology, art and history, performed by a specialized institution employing professionals of all necessary profiles. The Museum's five department collections contain over 33,000 artefacts. The permanent exhibition space covers 1,200 square meters. The first floor houses the Art Section of the permanent exhibition, which consists of two segments – applied and fine arts, as well as the History of Sport Room. The second floor displays the exhibitions of Science, Archaeology, History and Ethnology departments. The collections are presented in the permanent exhibition and in themed exhibitions. At the moment, Zrenjanin National Museum has three more exhibition spaces on the ground floor. These are the Salon, the Small Salon and the Museum Hall, which has been adapted into an exhibition space. In addition to an attractive permanent exhibition the work of National Museum Zrenjanin is characterized by a large number of thematic exhibitions followed by many extra activities such as workshops, lectures, promotions, screenings, concerts, etc. National Museum Zrenjanin visitors can use audio-visual guide through the permanent exhibition that is installed on tablet devices. Guide is bilingual, in English and Serbian language, and adapted to the blind, visually impaired (audio), deaf and hard of hearing visitors (video with translation into sign language). Zrenjanin National Museum has been awarded for the best museum in Serbia in 2006 by the Museum society of Serbia, and has been nominated for the European Museum of the Year 2015, as well as the Ziva Prize for the best Slovenian museum in 2016. National Museum of Zrenjanin Subotićeva 1 23000 Zrenjanin, Serbia Phone: (+381) 23 561 841 Fax: (+381) 23 534 020 Facebook: @muzej.zrenjanin Twitter: @muzej_zrenjanin Working time: Permanent Exhibition weekdays 8:30 am–6:30 pm Saturday 8:30 am–12:30 pm Exhibition galleries weekdays 9 am–1:30 pm and 2–7 pm Saturdays 9 am–1 pm